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Some Studies and Researches of Hypnosis

Hypnotism is a mental conditioning process. That allows individuals to use the natural and normal faculties of their mind to create desired and positive changes to improve overall health and wellbeing.  Here are sampling of studies and researches of Hypnosis.

Brief History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is older than medicine itself and has been with us since mankind had its beginnings. Virtually every culture and race of people has used it. Cave drawings suggest that man was experimenting with hypnosis 100,00 years ago.

Hypnosis under various names has been used for as long as records have been kept. Mesmerism is what we hear it referred as most often. Modern hypnosis is usually dated from about 1773. James Braid, M.D., coined the term hypnosis in approximately 1841. However even before this James Easdale, M.D. had documented over 3,000 surgical operations using Mesmerism in India.

In 1958, The American Medical Association approved the use of hypnosis as an appropriate technique for dealing with many medical problems.

Since then hypnosis has become highly respected and sought after to alleviate a number of conditions, to manage habits and relieve stress using the vast resources of the subconscious mind.

Wikipedia Article On Hypnosis And The American Medical Association’s Approval In 1958

Medical use of hypnosis

Hypnosis, as evidenced by its multi-century history, is one of the first and most enduring modalities in the management of organic pain problems.
In proper perspective, hypnosis may not only relieve pain but may also help to maintain the dignity and the well-being without dependence on large quantities of medication. Hypnosis works!

Hypnotherapy in no way replaces conventional medical diagnosis and treatment, but works in conjunction with it. By freeing you from feelings and attitudes that may be inhibiting your natural immunizing or other vital processes. As well as helping you to make lifestyle changes necessary to maintain good health.

How Is Hypnosis Typically Used?

  • Health Prevention – Habit control such as smoking, hair pulling and weight control, phobias, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, alcoholism, speech problems, chronic pain, self-esteem/ego strengthening, and memory/concentration improvement.
  • Medicine – Chronic pain, cancer pain, anesthesia and surgery, childbirth, psychosomatic disease, gynecology, control of bleeding, burn therapy, dermatology, pain control, irritable bowel, preparing for surgery, high blood pressure, diabetic treatment compliance, stress management, and much more.
  • Dentistry – Fear of dentistry, dental surgery, bruxism, control of bleeding, tongue biting, saliva control, orthodontia, gagging, ease of dentures, and general oral hygiene.
  • Other Uses– Sports enhancement, improve study habits, meditation, test anxiety, relaxation, enhance the immune system, sleep better, road rage, and healing from within.
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