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Is it Really Possible to Overcome your
Anxiety With Hypnosis? 

I Can help you stop getting stuck in your anxious emotional storms

  • You'll be able to handle your stress much better, have more confident about your self, and excited about life.  
  • You'll be able to positively speak up for yourself and be more social. Enjoy life with new people you meet.
  • You'll be able to take control your anxiety and emotions without guilt or beating yourself up.

Why My Hypnosis Makes It Far Easier For You To Overcome Your Anxiety For Good

Most programs focus on getting results thru pure will power or trying to fix the symptoms.

This ignores a crucial aspect of why people have the anxiety in the first place. The  subconscious, emotional root causes for your anxiety.

Which explains why the gains you make thru will power seldom stick.  

Or even worse:

Some of your most anxious and self-defeating thoughts roar back with a vengeance -- when your hidden emotional switches get triggered.

That’s why we use a proven two-prong approach.   Where you experience rapid, lasting subconscious changes that support your emotional wellbeing.

FIRST: Thru hypnosis, we help you uncover — and transform your subconscious, emotional root causes  of anxiety.

SECOND: We use advanced hypnosis techniques to address, and help you modify, your habitual automated  response to your triggers.

You Can Succeed With Our Hypnosis Program...

  • Even if you've struggled with your anxiety your entire life 
  • Even if  you've tried pills, medications and don't feel like enough 
  • Even if you avoid public interactions and crowds 
  • Even if you feel powerless over certain situations and people 
  • Even if you feel exhausted by the endless cycle of anxious emotional storms
  • Even if  you've tried to distract yourself with over-eating,  over-drinking, over- smoking or other "too much" unhealthy behaviors
  • Even if you're tired of hoping and praying it gets better, and the disappointment you feel each day when it inevitably doesn’t...


Hypnosis helps you reprogram your unwanted patterns -- unlocking the amazing powers of your mind to empower you to make the changes you want.

Thus, motivation goes up.  And anxiety naturally goes down.

Book Your Free Consult Now... And Start Feeling Better Faster Than You Ever Imagined

During your visit we’ll discuss your important reasons for wanting to change now. As well as answer all your questions about how hypnosis can help you and customize your plans.

All of our sessions are confidential, one-on-one, and individualized for your unique situation.  We see most anxiety clients for 5-7 sessions, scheduled about a week apart...

With most clients feeling more confident & motivated  to overcome their anxiety after the first session.

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Talk Soon,

Rena Barker, CH

WA Registered Hypnotherapist, Member of The National Guild of Hypnotists


Yes!  You can use hypnosis to stop your struggles with deep rooted issues anxiety causes -- without feeling guilty, or beating yourself up.                                                

  Is Hypnosis is right for you?

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What others say about their sessions with Rena...

"I had a constant negative outlook of life"

I had lot of anxiety  with a constant negative outlook on most aspects of life,. I had a bad self image, and not being motivated, which also affected my relationship with my partner. We were hurting each other because of my anxiety. After the sessions with Rena, I feel much better. I noticed what used to trigger my anxiety wasn't triggered anymore. I'm fascinated by the power of hypnosis. My partner also noticed that I handle my stress better and our relationship is better. It really worked for me. Thank you for everything! I highly recommended Rena.                                                                              ~  C. G. Silverdale, WA

"I wasn't able to socialize with others

I had all time low self-esteem,  severe self-induced anxiety and depression. Causing me not be able to socialize with others or accept other's support or complements. I had no value for myself and was unable to like myself.  Rena helped so much to open my eyes, and to see myself in a different way.  I feel much better thinking of myself and feeling good in my own skin.  I learned I can change and feel excited about life.  I feel much more hope and more confident about my future.                                             ~ MaryAnne. G. Tacoma, WA                             

"My past trauma was resolved"                 

This is the first review I have written, but I want to let others know about Rena and how she listened, questioned me and then put what she heard into practice. She created a plan that allowed me to find the  sources of my traumatic pain and behaviors and help me heal through a comforting and relaxing process. I wasn't a big believer in hypnotherapy prior to coming, and honestly came in with some misgivings. But she worked through those with me, and I experienced  very helpful and successful sessions.                       ~ Ron. S. Gig Harbor, WA

"My chronic pains have been relieved"   

Rena and I did a remote session because she was in Washington and I in California. Over the course of 5 sessions for pain management I found Rena totally prepared and professional. I should also add fearless. Pain is not easy to treat but Rena was well informed about the techniques, which worked. I found much relief after working with her.                              ~ Jane. H. Sonoma, CA

"I Lost my job because of  my Anxiety"  

I was unable to sleep well, unable to speak up for myself or make difficult decisions. It was so bad I lost my job, and had to change my 14 year career because of my anxiety problems.  After the sessions with Rena, I feel much better and I've noticed I sleep throughout the night. I'm now enjoying my new job and learning a new specialty. I feel more energy and more open to make new friends, as well as easily and positively speak up for myself. I have more confidence too. I highly recommended Rena. Try it and be open to it even if you think hypnotherapy might not work. It worked for me.                                                            ~ N. L. Tacoma, WA

"Helped Heal My Past Trauma and Self-Image Issues"       

Rena did such a wonderful job guiding me through the healing process of past trauma and self-image issues. I have gone through counseling and self-help processes in the past, but I found this technique to be significantly more helpful in stopping my ineffective thought process in its tracks. Rena has played a huge role in launching me into becoming a healthier person with a broader and more positive outlook on life. Forever grateful! Highly recommended.                       ~ Kayley. C. Olympia, WA

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