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Our hypnosis process works best for These particular Kinds of Situations & Issues

Your specific reasons for not being able to lose weight, quit your behavior, end addictive behavior, stop substance dependencies, reduce physical discomfort anxiety & stress, or let go of a painful past experience are as unique as you.

So you won’t find cookie-cutter solutions here! Instead, our unique approach may work especially for you -- because it’s designed for these kinds of situations:

  • Your once manageable issue is now seriously disrupting your life.   For years, or maybe even your entire life, you felt you could manage your issue and it’s aftermath.  But now your daily life, work, relationships suffer in new ways.  And you’re overwhelmed, or just uncertain, about how to overcome it.
  • You’ve tried everything to get rid of your issue, yet still struggle.  You've read or tried every popular book, diet, course, exercise, talk therapy, moderation or rehab program and pill possible.  But, you still don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel in overcoming your issue for good.
  • You’ve actually achieved some periods of success with your issue, but it’s not sustainable.  You feel like you’ve hit a limit.  Because of the energy, time and attention it takes to maintain all the exhausting “do’s” and “don’ts” needed to keep your issue from roaring back with a vengeance. Longed for permanent emotional freedom and ease seems achingly just out of reach.
  • Your heart is not happy with what you think you have to do overcome your issue.  You’ve seen examples of people who have conquered your same issues thru years of therapies, rehab programs or crazy, extreme measures.  And what they’ve done does not feel right to you.  In some cases it feels too woo-woo, too impractical, too long to get results.  You want a way that respects both your heart & values.

The kinds of Adults we help

Our typical adult client is someone whose efforts to address his or her issues, i.e., using self-help, psychotherapy and even rehab programs haven’t worked.  And now they're ready to try a new way to succeed.

  • We work with people struggling with all kinds of issues such as weight loss, fear, habit, performance, emotional traumas, anxiety & stress issues (see detailed list below)
  • We help those with drug or alcohol dependency issues even when they have spent $30,000 to $50,000 on extended rehab programs . . . And we can help them in far less time, for far less cost
  • We welcome and expertly work on the most "resistant" client issues

This includes:

Women wanting a new way to overcome issues related to:

  • Weight Management
  • Fear and Apprehensions
  • Smoking, Marijuana Cessation
  • Substance Dependencies
  • Internet, Addictive behaviors
  • Alcohol Cessation
  • Anxiety & Stress, Public Speaking
  • Sleep Problems
  • Pain Reduction
  • Heights, Insects, Needles
  • Prolonged Grieving, low mood 
  • Excessive Habits, Social Fears
  • Sexual issues, Physical Intimacy
  • Self-Esteem, Confidence
  • Relationships, Emotional Intimacy
  • Trauma, Past Painful Experiences

Men looking for a different way to conquer issues related to:

  • Drug, Alcohol Dependencies
  • Weight Loss, Overeating
  • Smoking, Marijuana Cessation
  • Low Mood
  • Pornography Addictive behaviors
  • Sleep Problems
  • Public Speaking
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Heights, Insects, Needles
  • Erectile/Performance Concerns
  • Excessive Habits, Social Fears
  • Premature Ejacualation,  Intimacy
  • Self Esteem, Confidence
  • Pain Reduction 
  • Trauma, Past Painful Experiences

Will hypnosis work for you?

It most definitely can — if there’s a part of you where: 

  • You can imagine feeling good again.   It may feel like forever since you felt truly happy and free.  Because everything you’ve tried until now has either temporarily worked, or flat out failed.  But you do know there’s a smart, courageous, strong part of you.  A part ready to try a new way, like hypnosis, to help you feel good again.
  • You can see yourself benefiting from some (inner) exploration.  Hypnosis is not magic.  But, thru your willingness to consciously follow our gentle instructions in a hypnotic state — lifelong hurts, habits and behaviors naturally change fast.  So the more you explore in hypnosis, the more you know you’ll succeed.
  • You're motivated to start making a change.  Sometimes it’s a threat, like you’ll lose your job, spouse, kids or home if you don’t get your act together. Or, you want to overcome your issue so you can look, feel, act better for an important upcoming event.  And maybe even go for a job opportunity, promotion, or new career you normally wouldn’t.  Whatever your motivation to change, you know resolving your issue is the key to making it all happen.

Sound like You?

If so, then your next best step is for us to meet for a complimentary 30 min consultation…

During your visit, we’ll confidentially discuss your important reasons for wanting to overcome your issue now.  As well as answer your specific questions how hypnosis can help you succeed.  Faster & easier than you ever thought possible.

And most important — help you feel good again.

Remote session available via zoom or online or phone      

Or maybe you're wondering about hypnosis and how it works?

Is it like on TV and in the Movies?  Or is it a different, more compassionate and powerful way to succeed faster & easier than you ever thought possible?…


Hi, and welcome!  I'm Rena Barker NGH-CI, CH, E-RYT  I specialize in rapid trance-formation. Helping you quit your unwanted habits, addictions and behaviors fast.  Get past your past for good -- and start living the life you want.  

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