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Yes, It's True! You Can Have Comfortable Hypnosis Sessions Via Online Media

Online hypnosis sessions are just as effective as in-office hypnosis sessions, and they have the benefit of ease of scheduling regardless of location, the convenience and comfort of not having to travel, as well as being able to relax in your own environment. 

What are the benefits of online sessions?

  • You'll enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, hotel, or anywhere!
  • You are able to have a hypnosis session with me from virtually anywhere in the world - that has reliable internet service
  • You'll be able to stay home, not having to travel to and from the hypnosis office (a great start for agoraphobia, fear of driving, or other worries)
  • You'll be able to save time and manage your schedule better
  • You'll be able to a create familiar and comfortable surroundings in your own environment
  • You'll be able to remain safe with less risk of transmitting virus to yourself or others 

What is an online hypnosis session like?

Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind that everyone has already experienced and most people have experienced without even realizing it.  Hypnosis is like a daydream, a state of relaxed, yet focused, consciousness. Rena will assist you in learning how to achieve this wonderful state with your eyes open or closed.

Once this state of mind has been achieved, you'll receive empowering suggestions that tell your subconscious mind, where beliefs and cell memories are stored, to make many positive changes. These are powerful and new ways to modify and transform unwanted behaviors into healthy ones.  

Hypnosis is a mental conditioning process that is completely within your control. This allows you to use the natural and normal faculties of your mind to create desired and positive changes to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Just A Little Preparation Makes Your Online Hypnosis Experience Much More Effective

Prepare to:

  • Create a quiet space and time when you will be undisturbed for an hour or two
  • Ask family members to respect your quiet space during the scheduled time (This is your valuable time to make the most of)
  • Leave pets in another space so you won't be disturbed while you are in the session 
  • Have available a set of ear buds or headphones which will be very helpful to block outside noises to help you stay focused and able to concentrate
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and a reliable internet connection

Want To See How Hypnosis Can Help You? Start With Our Free Consultation

During the consultation, we’ll privately discuss your important reasons for wanting to overcome your issue now...

As well as answer your specific questions about how hypnosis can help you: Lose weight, Transform unhealthy habits, End addictions, Reduce pain, Conquer fears and Heal past painful experiences, faster & easier than you ever thought possible.

And most importantly — feel good while doing it.

   (The sooner you book the more convenient scheduling options you have)

Or Maybe Still Wondering? 

How New Leaf Hypnosis Center offers compassionate, solution-based Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy sessions that will help you overcome a variety of issues?


Meet rena

Hi, and welcome! I'm Rena Barker NGH-CI, CH, E-RYT. Professionally trained and certified to offer and conduct online hypnosis sessions. This certification enables you to make an informed choice when choosing a hypnosis professional to work with you. 

About this Certification: The International Association of Hypnosis Professionals (IAHP) is dedicated to providing the best training for its members so that each one can provide high quality hypnosis and hypnotherapy services to you.

To ensure that IAHP Members, like Rena Barker, provide the highest standard of online hypnosis sessions, there is a rigorous training and certification program for hypnotists and hypnotherapists, to ensure that sessions are conducted with the utmost safety, ethics and professionalism.

Hypnotherapists do not have to have this certification to conduct sessions online. However, those who do have been educated and evaluated in the following areas of conducting hypnosis sessions online:

  • Ethics & Safety
  • Administrative Process
  • Session Environment
  • Online Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Use of Conferencing Platforms
  • Online Security

This important credential enables you and the public to make an informed decision when choosing hypnosis services. No other hypnosis organization provides you with this kind of confidence when choosing a hypnosis professional to work with online.

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