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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying About New Leaf Hypnosis Center

Welcome to our client feedback page. Doing hypnosis is one of the most satisfying forms of psychotherapeutic work because success is rapid and our clients give us such positive feedback. We have many such letters on display in our file. Here are some examples!

“Hypnosis has changed my life and changed bad habits I carried my whole life!”


The experience with Rena has changed my life and changed bad habits I carried my whole life. I went to Rena out of desperation and the change began on the very first visit. In truth, I hesitated and now I am so grateful that I found her, she is extremely knowledgeable in her field and always learning more to help others. You can tell her passion is in helping and truly cares. I have highly recommended her to multiple people, family, and friends. The best decision I ever made! And as a bonus, I lost 10 pounds when it was not even my goal, but when you heal, your body also heals. Thank you, Rena!

Melba Santos

“Completely transformed my life with hypnosis”


First and foremost, I feel so incredibly lucky to have come across Rena. She has completely transformed my life. Not only has her work made an imprint on my life but her genuineness and support have also spoken very loudly. She has been there for me, outside of just the sessions and for that, I will forever be grateful. I wish I could express my gratitude more. I am so beyond grateful for this experience and will continue to carry this practice and relationship forward wherever I go. Thank you, Rena. I admire you so much and I feel so very fortunate to have stumbled upon your work at the time that I did.

~ AZ ~

Samantha Oviawe - Student

“I overcome severe arachnophobia. Now I have the best spring/summer in many years!”


It might sound crazy but my sessions with Rena were truly life-changing. I had an intense fear of spiders which allowed me only about 3 months of relief during the winter. Once spring began, I was very anxious and on constant alert. Seeing a spider sent me into a panic that lasted for hours. After just a few sessions, this has been my best, least anxious spring/summer in many years. Rena was easy to talk to, made me comfortable, and has a lot of compassion. I highly recommend Rena!

~ Fircrest, WA ~

Maria Rivera - Retired

“I overcome a decades-long bad habit in two visits!”


Rena helped me overcome a decades-long bad habit in two visits. My own willpower had never been enough, so I started off skeptical of hypnosis. I am now amazed at the power of one’s mind that hypnotherapy can unlock. Rena is skillful, compassionate, and well prepared.

~ Bonny Lake, WA ~

Jerry Costello - Retired Judge

“I am seeing great results!”


Rena is very knowledgeable and is excellent at her craft. I was skeptical about hypnosis prior to seeing her, and I am seeing great results. She made me a believer!
She also provides take-home recommendations to continue your progress.

~ Sumner, WA ~

Jessie James - Operations Manager

“My life get better and I am happier.”


Rena is amazing! My time with her has done wonders for me. I have greatly reduced the amount I smoke to almost nothing, I've been able to reduce my blood pressure meds as a result of that. I sleep better, I have less anxiety, have been able to set better boundaries, and feel happier. My original notions about hypnotherapy were all based on Hollywood's portrayal, which is less than reputable, and as someone educated in medicine, I can tell you this (or at least Rena's methods) are based solely under the umbrella of psychology and they are solid. She knows what your goals are & helps you set realistic goals & expectations to achieve them. You have to do the work but she is your support & champion through it all. I feel like Rena is an old friend who is easy to talk to, and relate to and I trust her implicitly. She is very honest, direct, empathetic & compassionate. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a change and to better themselves. Thank you so much for everything Rena, you are the best! I leave you with this thought; in case you hadn't noticed already, EVERYONE has given her 5 stars. Not a 4-star or a 1-star in the bunch...

~ Stailacoom, WA ~

Cortnie Cardey - Self-Employed

“The changes that I wanted to make in my life began after my very first session”


I decided to use Hypnotherapy to help me make some difficult but necessary changes in my life. I studied up on the topic of Hypnotherapy and read reviews on local Hypnotherapists. Finding New Leaf Hypnosis Center and Rena was a stroke of luck. The changes that I wanted to make in my life began after my very first session. Now, six months after my last session, those changes are part of the foundation of who I am. Rena, thanks so very much!

Mike Newlander

“I now able to feel relief from anxiety without using medication.”


Rena really helped me with my anxiety. I have had counseling in the past but hypnosis gave me specific things I could do when I felt more anxious than usual. With hypnosis, I was able to feel relief from anxiety without using medication. I highly recommend working with Rena!

~ Olalla, WA ~

Lisa Vance - Ficial Specialist

“I feel more resilient!”


Rena Barker is an outstanding human being and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experience her professional, evidence-based, and well-rounded hypnotherapy practice. Rena has participated in numerous hypnotherapy trainings and also draws from her experiences studying and practicing Yoga, Psychotherapy, Eutaptics, and Nonviolent Communication to tailor individualized, goal-oriented programs for her clients. Hypnotherapy works as a subtle medicine, which I greatly appreciate. After a course of treatments with her, I notice that I feel more resilient and resourceful under the same life stressors. My eating patterns are shifting and I am making healthier choices. Overall, I feel less reactive and more accepting of daily life circumstances. Rena's methodology and approach are solid and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring the effective and fascinating treatment modality of hypnosis.

~ Port Townsend, WA ~

Christine Doyle - Family Nurse Practitioner

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“Within 3 months to get over my anxiety and procrastination.”


I’ve started working with Rena in February, I went through a breakup after 7 years of relationship I was depressed and couldn’t find myself. I had 5 sessions with her and after every session, I became a different person healthier, happier, I stopped living in the past and I started finally finding myself.
Rena is amazing I’m so thankful that I got to work with her and changed my life. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars and hours on psychotherapy, Hypnosis helped me within 3months to get over my anxiety and procrastination.

~ Tacoma, WA ~

Elana Rosca - self-employee

“I am now better at managing my anxiety and self-criticism”


Rena is so gentle and compassionate. I started working with her after experiencing high anxiety/panic/palpitations after moving to WA during the pandemic. She was so gentle and supportive. She helped me to be able to calm myself and remember that I am in control of my own reactions. I was also able to become more kind and gentle to myself. Rena is so kind and caring. I highly recommend seeing her, manage your anxiety or self-criticism.

~ Gig Harbor, WA ~

Sara, N - Self-Employee

“Helped me heal from the pain that I had been carrying around my entire life”


I was dealing with debilitating anxiety that came on suddenly after spine surgery. I tried many different things over the last couple of years - including prescription meds, counseling, etc, but nothing was helping. I finally decided to give Hypnosis a try. Rena worked with me regarding my anxiety, but also ended up helping me heal from the pain that I had been carrying around my entire life. It was such a wonderful, healing experience, and Rena is so caring. I just cannot recommend her or this process highly enough. I definitely have less anxiety, but I also feel much more calm, in control and my relationships with my loved ones (myself included) are deeper and richer because of the work with Rena. She taught me the tools to help myself to continue the work and I no longer need anxiety medication. I have so much peace. Thank you so much, Rena!!

Bree, T

“Hypnosis has changed my life for the better.. TWICE.”


I highly recommend Hypnosis and Rena @ New Leaf Hypnosis Center is a professional and great at what she does!

This isn't the first time I've used hypnosis and it cured my unrelated issue in the past so I thought I would try it again on a new challenge.

In 2019 I had a bad accident and over time I was more and more anxious about leaving the house, working, driving a car, and being around others.
My heart started racing, I got dizzy. I feel like I'm losing myself. My partner slightly mentioned I should look into getting better.

I'm not much of a person to take pills to get over it kind of person and I'm not so much into modern medicine. Hypnosis worked in the past, so I asked if hypnosis might be a good option for this... and IT WAS!! : )

With Rena's help, I'm reprogramming my brain and habits to remove this fear and anxiety and get back to the old me. Others start out thinking hypnosis is putting you to sleep in order to make you do things or change but it's not. It's the hypnotist and you... changing your behavior.

I feel you first have to believe before you sign up for it. You have to believe you will get better and you will! Hypnosis has changed my life for the better.. TWICE.

Thank you, Rena!

~ Olympia, WA ~

Shannon, M - Real Estate

“I feel more confident in myself”


Rena has helped me with one of the biggest struggles I have faced in life so far. I was worried about being judged, but she made me feel very comfortable. Even as an adult it was wonderful to feel like a female figure was cheering me on and proud of my small successes in the time we worked together. Being able to laugh, cry, feel embarrassed, or express my feelings with someone else has never been easy with me. But, Rena was so attentive and made me feel like it was okay to feel all my emotions, and reminded me it is okay to be emotional. Since working with her, I feel more confident in myself, and I have been able to forgive myself and others for pain and trauma. After years of self-doubt, anger, insecurities, and depression, I feel like I am waking up again. Rena is someone who is passionate about her career, she genuinely cares about her clients. There are things about myself that I did not realize, that she helped me see. I am very thankful for the time she spent working with me.

Fairy Q

“I highly recommend New Leaf Hypnosis Center”


Rena is a professional with her clients. She will make you feel relaxed as she guides you through all that you need. She explains all to you and will never make you feel uncomfortable. I highly recommend New Leaf Hypnosis Center.

~ Gig Harbor, WA ~

Tammy, D - Retired

“I now have tools available to my wellbeing”


I moved to a new state during the pandemic and lots of other changes triggered anxiety and pretty bad insomnia. I was already doing all the other things; exercise, eating right, bloodwork was great, and I was already seeing a therapist. I learned so much about myself during my sessions with Rena and I now have tools available to manage my anxiety during the day and deeper sleep at night. It takes work and there's still more to do but Rena really made me aware of a lot of beliefs/habits I was not previously aware of. Thank you, Rena, for all your help!

Ivonne Diaz - Support Counselor

“One of the most amazing experiences I ever had.”


Ms. Rena Barker made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. She dug into the very root of who I was as a person, listened, and came up with the right plan specifically for me. One of the most enlightening experiences I ever had. I appreciate everything.

~ Silverdale. WA ~

Norman - U.S. Army

“I immediately craved and choose healthier options.”


I had been struggling with poor eating habits my entire life and had absolutely lost control in the past 2 years. Having tried and failed other options to get on a healthier track, I was feeling hopeless. After my first session with Rena, I had a complete change of mind. I had been skeptical about hypnosis and wasn't sure if I could be hypnotized- but I was amazed by the results after just one session! I lost 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks and immediately craved and chose healthier options. I especially love how she teaches you self-hypnosis, so you can continue your transformation after sessions! I highly recommend seeing Rena so you can improve your life too!

KLM - Biologist

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“The most noticeable positive results of any other therapy I have tried”


Rena is a very insightful and compassionate person. I had multiple issues I was struggling with, and conventional therapy just wasn't doing it for me. I have tried many methods to deal with my depression and anxiety and have seen the greatest improvements by far, after my Hypnotherapy appointments with Rena. She is an excellent Hypnotherapist and this method of therapy has shown the most noticeable positive results of any other therapy I have tried.

Julie Coleman - House Maker

“I found my power through hypnosis”


Rena is an absolute joy to work with. My experience at New Leaf Hypnosis has been incredible. She is so caring and thoughtful of her work and makes the space you work in safe and comfortable. She was able to help me find my power and control over alcohol and other self-defeating behaviors. I would recommend her services to anyone who is truly interested in personal growth.

Amanda Sherry - Manager

“I am still using her techniques today and rest of my life.”


I found Rena at New Leaf Hypnosis at a point when I was feeling very low in my life. I went there looking for help with one thing and I was given not only help with what I went there for but other areas as well, such as anxiety and weight loss. I met with her for over three months and am still using her techniques today. I highly recommend working with Rena. She is very skilled and knowledgeable in her area of expertise and what she shares with you will last the rest of your life if you choose.

Dom, P

“Hypnosis set me on a better path”


I went to see Rena in search of some relief from anxiety and PTSD. I'll start with Rena's COVID setup. Rena wears a mask the entire time, has hand sanitizer, and a plexiglass barrier when in session. On to the sessions. Rena is very knowledgeable and provides additional tools to use at home to enhance your work. I've learned from the experience and have felt a shift in the right direction. Healing is a journey that won't be solved magically but I feel my work with Rena has set me on a better path and with the tools she provided me I will be able to practice on my own.

Keri. B

“Weight management! I take back control of my life!”


I have been having trouble losing weight - again - and yet I have always believed that if you make up your mind, that the rest is easy. Well not so much. I had tried pills, the high protein, will power, and I was thinking about doing by-pass surgery. That's when I saw the ad for hypnosis & Rena's website.
I gave her a call. She ended up being exactly what I had been looking for, and not realizing it. I had 5 sessions with her.
During that time, Rena gave me the tools of autosuggestion, tools to take back the control of my life, what I eat, how I react to my emotions, how to relax, and how to be happy, forgiving & compassionate.
I am so grateful that I found Rena. She has opened up a whole new world for me to embrace. I have learned so much from her, and I thank her for sending me on this journey of healing through the practice of hypnosis.
Thank you Rena!

Sue Ness - Retired

“Hypnosis worked multitude of things I wanted to better!”


First off Rena is AMAZING. I came to her with a multitude of things I wanted to better myself for. Some I do not feel comfortable sharing online as they are too personal. Others are as simple (in my opinion) as nail-biting, drinking more water, and weight loss. I was really amazed at how much she was able to accomplish during each session, and also how quickly my conscious and subconscious was able to make and keep the changes I was looking to make. It was truly an incredible journey for me. And with the tools she gives you, I love that I am able to still better myself and be the best version of me that I want to be. I would recommend New Leaf Hypnosis Center to anyone looking to better themselves.

Charlene Box - Manager

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“My driving anxiety is gone and I feel more grounded!”


I began my journey almost a year ago, Something unsettling my life. After my wife returned home from the hospital I realized I needed to "fix" me before I could help anyone else. I learned much from Rena in a short time and these basic tools are still helpful today. I see the world and people in a more positive compassionate manner which aides my daily life in dealing with my inner self-awareness. There are no words to express my gratitude for everyone that has been here for me and the fact that I, now, am able to help those around me that are ready for a positive change in life. I highly recommend taking your own journey with New Leaf when you are ready. Be well, and Blessed. There is no substitute for the human experience. 🙏👣🐾

John Thane - Manager

“I was using food as a crutch.”


I was having with sugary and sweet foods. I was overeating every day and using food as a crutch. Rena asked me what my goals were but also knew how to lead me to a place where I could discover why I was using food to soothe myself.

After working together for several weeks, I have gained some true insight into my own past, present and what was driving me to food.

Now, I no longer spend my days craving sugary snacks and only eat when I am hungry. Rena is a real pro and I would highly recommend. This process to anyone looking to improve. Time and Money well spent.

~Tacoma, WA~

Al, B - Business Owner

“My mind was a jumbled, twisted, knotted mess of wire before.”


I have always struggled with anxiety, depression, low self esteem and a variety of other related issues. Tried many things over the years before I decided to try hypnotherapy with Rena and I am so glad I did, it was a truly surreal, enlightening, uplifting experience. All my ideas and preconceived notions about what hypnotherapy was were completely wrong. With Rena’s help, I figured out that a lot of my issues come from a lack of meaning and direction, not knowing what to do with my life, not being able to positively deploy my energy in a productive way, but also the fact that I had very low confidence in myself to achieve anything. Through her sessions I was able to uncover inspirations & make connections I had never made before, all of it was already in my head I just hadn’t connected it or had any belief I was capable of doing anything with those ideas. Rena has helped me feel more empowered, capable and realistically hopeful than I have ever felt before in my life. Its so difficult to describe the experience with words, because its so above and beyond all that, it transcends language, but in my best effort to share with you: It was like my mind was a jumbled, twisted, knotted mess of wire, and through hypnotherapy with Rena, not only was I able to unravel and straighten the wire out into even loops, but weave that wire into a beautiful, elaborate spirograph design. My mind was defragged, reprogrammed and optimized to suit my needs and set me on a path to collide with destiny. I am so enthralled and excited about the future now, and am so grateful to Rena for helping me get to this place. I feel that hypnosis is a way to help be in better control and understanding of our own minds and strongly recommend it. Thank you, Rena!!!

~Gig Harbor, WA ~

Tabitha - Manager

“After working with her, I have not had the urge to smoke at all!”


I went to New Leaf Hypnosis and met Rene who helped me with my smoking addiction. Smoking was a filthy, costly and detrimental to my health habit and I really wanted and needed to quit. The session with Rene was very relaxing and opened up my thoughts regarding me becoming smoke-free. I learned how to be better in calming myself, relaxing and being in control of myself. I have not had the urge to smoke at all. Rene did a fantastic job in helping me and I owe her for it.

~ Roy, WA ~

Joseph Arrisi - Business Owner

“I get my Mojo back.”


Rena is super awesome to work with and helped me get my mojo back. Thank you, Rena, you are the best!

~ Port Orchard, WA ~

Ken Oakland - Business Owner

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“I'm a non-smoker, re-gain my passion back again!”


Hi Beautiful, sweet Rena,

I for the 1st time have a moment to share with you. I've thought of you and our session so many times. You are very gifted and very special to me. I have been faithful to myself and have not smoked, when I arrived home, I threw any remaining cigarettes in the trash can. Removed smoking ashtrays, ashes, butts, etc., I have felt so many toxins and poisons being expelled from my body; I drink at least a gallon of water a day. Oddly enough not my husband nor my daughter, not even the haven noticed that I am a Non-Smoker....even for 24 hrs. sat at the card table with my husband, Mike and played card for over 24hrs. and he didn't notice, it was hard to believe, not very noticeable. I've not talked about it, because I wanted to see just how long it takes them to realize this.

Gardening is a Passion of mine. Now that I'm a non-smoker, I have more time to garden and create more beauty around me. I choose my area of Mother Earth to work; I envision in my minds eye how I will create my landscape of beauty, the different colors, shapes, sizes of plants I will use and the mulch. I must work the earth over and over with my shovel and claw, removing any unwanted rocks, twigs, weeds, cultivating a soil which is ideally arriated, free of debris. This takes hours and days, you want your plants to thrive after planting them. For me it is important to use a variety of plants which creates a contrast and also complementing each other. You must be mindful to allow adequate space for growth, water, mulch, sunshine. You must mulch each plant immediately after planting. This helps to stabilize the amount of water, moisture, and acts as a bug & weed deterrent as well showing off the plants, you've provided a graceful bed in which they will thrive in their own beauty. Especially in the Spring with ideal conditions, one must nurture their landscapes/flowerbeds day after day, pruning for new weeds sprouting up, etc.This is a labor of love as it all becomes a showcase of your creations.

My husband says Andy still is a Non-Smoker!!! I gave in and told husband that I am a Non-Smoker as well....He is so Happy!!!

~Sherrie, WA ~

Sherrie - Field Representive

“I wasn't able to socialize with others but now I can!”


I had all time low self-esteem, severe self-induced anxiety, and depression. Causing me not to be able to socialize with others or accept other's support or complements. I had no value for myself and was unable to like myself. Rena helped so much to open my eyes and to see myself in a different way. I feel much better thinking of myself and feeling good in my own skin. I learned I can change and feel excited about life. I feel much more hope and more confident about my future.

~ Tacoma, WA~

Maryanne - Mother

“My chronic pain have been relieved”


Rena and I did a remote session because she was in Washington and I in California. Over the course of 5 sessions for pain management, I found Rena totally prepared and professional. I should also add fearless. Pain is not easy to treat but Rena was well informed about the techniques, which worked. I found much relief after working with her.

~ Sonoma, CA ~

Jane - Self-Employed

“I had a constant negative outlook of life”


I had a lot of anxiety with a constant negative outlook on most aspects of life. I had a bad self-image, and not being motivated, which also affected my relationship with my partner. We were hurting each other because of my anxiety. After the sessions with Rena, I feel much better. I noticed what used to trigger my anxiety wasn't triggered anymore. I'm fascinated by the power of hypnosis. My partner also noticed that I handle my stress better and our relationship is better. It really worked for me. Thank you for everything! I highly recommended Rena.

~ Silverdale, WA ~

C.G - Designer

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“I am a Non - Smoker only one session!”


I had smoked for more than 20 years and in 1 session with Ms. Barker, I can call myself a non-smoker. Time for doing the things I want to do is in abundance, I don't need to stop and fulfill my craving because it is gone! no irritability I wish I had done this years ago. My outlook is more positive knowing my life is in my hands now and not going up in smoke!

~Tacoma, WA~

Andi - Machinist Planner

“How easily Rena made it to completely resolved my sensitive lingering issues”


I can't recommend Rena highly enough. I had a few issues that have been lingering for a while. I didn't realize a couple of them were even issues. As it turns out they were showing up in ways that had overall negative effects with my working relationships with my job, my family and friends. The one that made me curious enough to see her and try the introductory session was based on a failed marriage that ended years ago and had lingering effects that I wasn't even aware how extensive they were until we began to clear them up. Since our current thinking is based on the impressions we have of our previous experiences the other issues began to reveal themselves afterwards and I have to say I was shocked at how easily Rena made it to completely resolve sometimes quite sensitive issues. She has a kind, attentive and caring approach that allows her to best utilize a very extensive skill set in a way that sometimes makes it feel like it was too easy! I started out more curious than anything else and was a little nervous about too much change and ended up with profound improvements at home at work and with friends. My sessions were even on video chat too. If you've had any reservations about trying this put them aside and contact her now, I'm sure glad I did! Again, can't recommend her highly enough.

Mark - Physical therapist

“I feel more confident”


Rena has great knowledge about how the mind works.
She helped me overcome my anxiety and PTSD I’d been struggling with over 20 years. That struggles are gone! I can live my life with joy and love! She gave me not just the sessions to made me feel better and I feel more confident! It is amazing how much she helped me in a short period of the time. My life is better, my anxiety levels have already noticeably improved! I am so glad that I met her! I highly recommended!

Lindsay - Self-Employed

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“Surgery caused me a lot of weight gain but I'm in control now.”


I gained a lot of weight after multiple surgeries. I had many emotional eating issues that I didn't even aware of. I also have a fear of needles so I wondered to see if possible to overcome with hypnosis. Thanks to Rena's work with me. I started hypnosis session with her before my back surgery and after the surgery. She helped me overcome my needle issue right before the surgery and I was really relaxed at the hospital. I am now losing weight. I am now control of my weight. Rena's work with me and Self-hypnosis has been wonderful. I am more relaxed and in control. Noticed the change at the dental appointment. The dental assistant amazed how I was relaxed while I was in the chair. Highly recommend Rena and the program she administers. In my opinion, there's NOONE better than Rena!

~ Port Orchard, WA

Michael. T - Veteran

“After Only 5 sessions I was able to heal the parts of me”


I met Rena at one of her stress workshops at a yoga studio. Afterwards, I was intrigued and signed up for her free consultation. I was a little hesitant because I had no knowledge of Hypnosis, nervous and was a little skeptical. She asked me what brought me to cross the Gig Harbor bridge that day to see her. I told her for self-love. After Only 5 sessions Rena was able to heal the parts of me that I had suppressed for over 10 years and was able to release deep barriers of mine I didn't even realize I had. Every session I left feeling revived, inspired, more alive than the last session. The tools and knowledge she gives you to take home with you are gifts that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. I can't Imagine not meeting Rena and taking the chance to try Hypnosis because my transformation is beyond what I imagined it would be. My family and friends noticed right away and could not only see my remarkable change but feel it. If you are curious about Hypnosis and if you are reading this, you must trust that Rena's skills will help you with whatever you are seeking. I'm sharing my story because I'm still in awe for how much her work has influenced my life and future. She is a gift and I'm so ever grateful for crossing paths with her. Thank you, Rena, for changing my life. Xx

~ Central Tacoma, WA ~

Christina S - Loan Officer

“I can handle stress much better”


Very understanding and so easy to work with, she really helped me out when I was in a tough spot in my life.

Thank you so much for everything, it is amazing to be able to sit down and talk through stuff with such an awesome person. Rena did so much for me.

~ Federalway, WA ~

Nicholas. M - Carpenter

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“TMJ and Sleep Problems are Gone!”


I came to hypnosis to deal with falling-to-sleep issues, teeth grinding and hope for a more motivated life. I wanted to focus on the sleep/grinding issues without medication or a mouth guard. Motivation was a "while I'm here..." afterthought.

After each appointment I felt relaxed, I slept better and the tension in my jaw was greatly reduced. I found that little things that used to annoy me were easier to brush off. I have improved self-acceptance and am motivated in ways I did not anticipate---Sure I am more driven to go to the gym, but also improvements to my home, cooking, relationships and at work.

I continue to use the tools I learned in each session. I sleep better and I am very impressed with the success I am seeing in my everyday life. I recommend Rena at New Leaf Hypnosis Center.

~ Gig Harbor, WA ~

I. B - Teacher

“My past trauma was resolved”


This is the first review I have written, but I want to let others know about Rena and how she listened, questioned me and then put what she heard into practice. She created a plan that allowed me to find the sources of my traumatic pain and behaviors and help me heal through a comforting and relaxing process. I wasn't a big believer in hypnotherapy prior to coming and honestly came in with some misgivings. But she worked through those with me, and I experienced very helpful and successful sessions.

~ Gig Harbor, WA​ ~

Ron.S - President

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“I feel better healing emotional eating”


I've worked with Rena over the past eight months. She is a very caring and intuitive practitioner. She thoroughly understands her craft and is willing to do whatever it takes to help me make the changes I needed to overcome my emotional issue for weight loss. She is sensitive and caring, yet knows when I need a good kick in the pants! :) Thank you, Rena, for gently coaxing me to become more empowered and forgiving of myself! Much love to you!!!

~ Parma, OH ~

Sue. C - Paralegal

“I lost my job because of my anxiety”


I was unable to sleep well, unable to speak up for myself or make difficult decisions. It was so bad I lost my job, and had to change my 14-year career because of my anxiety problems. After the sessions with Rena, I feel much better and I've noticed I sleep throughout the night. I'm now enjoying my new job and learning a new specialty. I feel more energy and more open to make new friends, as well as easily and positively speak up for myself. I have more confidence too. I highly recommended Rena. Try it and be open to it even if you think hypnotherapy might not work. It worked for me.

~ Tacoma, WA ~

N.L - Resistered Nurce

“Helped heal my past trauma and self-image issues”


Rena did such a wonderful job guiding me through the healing process of past trauma and self-image issues. I have gone through counseling and self-help processes in the past, but I found this technique to be significantly more helpful in stopping my ineffective thought process in its tracks. Rena has played a huge role in launching me into becoming a healthier person with a broader and more positive outlook on life. Forever grateful! Highly recommended.

~ Olympia, WA ~

Kayley - Massage Therapist

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