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Yes!  You Can Use Hypnosis To lose weight. Faster & Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

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Imagine a new way of losing weight & eating:

Where you no longer diet, you never count points, you no longer obsess over calories.

And you finally get off the daily emotional rollercoaster about what you "should" and "should not" eat throughout the day.


Thru hypnosis  -- you transform your hidden root causes -- and habitual eating patterns for gaining weight. 

Giving you the most natural, safe and effective way today to lose, and then maintain, any weight you’d like.

While feeling better than anything you’ve ever tried before.

Why Our Hypnosis Weight Loss Program Makes It Far Easier to Get To & Stay At Your Ideal Weight

Most weight loss programs focus on getting results thru pure will power.

Which ignores a crucial aspect of why people gain weight in the first place.  Your subconscious, emotional root causes for over eating.

This explains why the gains you make thru will power seldom stick.  

Or even worse:

Cause your old overeating habits to roar back with a vengeance -- when your hidden emotional eating switches get triggered.

That’s why we use a proven two-prong weight loss approach.   That leads to rapid, lasting changes in both your waistline and subconscious, emotional relationship with food.

FIRST: Thru hypnosis, we help you uncover — and transform your       subconscious, emotional root causes for overeating.

SECOND: We use advanced hypnosis techniques to address, and help you modify, habitual eating patterns that lead to weight gain.

That's why our Hypnosis weight loss program Can Help You Succeed...

  • Even if you've struggled with your weight your entire life 
  • Even if  you often find yourself eating when not hungry or full 
  • Even if you regularly eat to distract from feelings
  • Even if you feel powerless over certain foods and "guilty pleasures" 
  • Even if you're considering Lap Band / Gastric Bypass surgery
  • Even if  you often eat to calm yourself when stressed or anxious  
  • Even if you've tried every popular diet, exercise, pill possible


Hypnosis helps you re-discover your body's innate wisdom --- about when you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat.  Allowing your heart, head & weight loss goals to stop warring against each other.  

And instead, work in harmony.  

Thus, motivation goes up.  And weight naturally goes down.

Contact us today — To Start Losing Weight With Hypnosis Right Away  

During our visit we’ll discuss your important reasons for wanting to lose weight now.  And answer all your questions.  About how using hypnosis for weight loss can help you naturally reach your body’s perfect weight.

All of our sessions are confidential, one-on-one, and individualized for your unique situation.  We see most weight loss clients for 5-6 sessions, scheduled about a week apart... 

With most clients feeling more confident & motivated  after the first session.

Need to talk to someone before you book?  Call :  253-617-4818

Talk Soon,

Rena Barker

Consulting Hypnotherapist

P.S. Our daily Free Consultation Spots Fill Up Fast.  The sooner you book online the more convenient scheduling options you have.


Our Hypnosis weight loss program works

Find out how hypnosis helps transform your subconscious, root causes for gaining weight.  As well as your habitual eating patterns.  So you naturally, and effectively lose the weight you want.  

  Is Hypnosis is right for you?

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Surgery caused me a lot of weight gain but I'm in control now.

I gained a lot of weight after multiple surgeries. I had many emotional eating issues that I didn't even aware of. I also have a fear of needles so I wondered to see if possible to overcome with hypnosis. Thanks to Rena's work with me. I started hypnosis session with her before my back surgery and after the surgery. She helped me overcome my needle issue right before the surgery and I was really relaxed at the hospital. I am now losing weight. I am now control of my weight. Rena's work with me and Self-hypnosis has been wonderful. I am more relaxed and in control. Noticed the change at the dental appointment. The dental assistant amazed how I was relaxed while I was in the chair. Highly recommend Rena and the program she administers. In my opinion, there's NOONE better than Rena!

~ Port Orchard, WA

Michael. T , Veteran

Helped heal my past trauma and self-image issues

Rena did such a wonderful job guiding me through the healing process of past trauma and self-image issues. I have gone through counseling and self-help processes in the past, but I found this technique to be significantly more helpful in stopping my ineffective thought process in its tracks. Rena has played a huge role in launching me into becoming a healthier person with a broader and more positive outlook on life. Forever grateful! Highly recommended.

~ Olympia, WA ~

Kayley , Massage Therapist

I can handle stress much better

Very understanding and so easy to work with, she really helped me out when I was in a tough spot in my life.

Thank you so much for everything, it is amazing to be able to sit down and talk through stuff with such an awesome person. Rena did so much for me.

~ Federalway, WA ~

Nicholas. M , Carpenter

I feel better healing emotional eating

I've worked with Rena over the past eight months. She is a very caring and intuitive practitioner. She thoroughly understands her craft and is willing to do whatever it takes to help me make the changes I needed to overcome my emotional issue for weight loss. She is sensitive and caring, yet knows when I need a good kick in the pants! :) Thank you, Rena, for gently coaxing me to become more empowered and forgiving of myself! Much love to you!!!

~ Parma, OH ~

Sue. C , Paralegal

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