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What is Hypnosis + Other Important FAQs

Hypnosis is a powerful state of focused awareness that can be used to uncover and dissolve the root cause of many issues people suffer from everyday.

Hypnosis allows you to access all the healing resources inherent within the subconscious mind, promoting natural healing from within.

Hypnosis is used to help people discover the subconscious reasons for their symptoms, behaviors, or habits. When they are discovered, certain tools and techniques are used to help release them and relearn a new positive way of thinking, subconsciously. This is called hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis has been sanctioned and used by the medical community since 1958 to help patients overcome chronic pain, create anesthesia, and heal psychogenic illnesses.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works by achieving a level of focused awareness, and at the same time bypassing the analytical aspect of the mind. Another way to describe the analytical aspect of the mind is that it is a comparing mechanism.

When new information is introduced to the mind, the comparing mechanism compares the new information to what it already believes is either true or false. This is a protective aspect of our mind.

This is why changing habits by willpower alone is so difficult - we often already believe we can not change, so thinking about making the change happen ( using willpower alone) is ineffective.

Hypnosis is powerful because with focused awareness the analytical aspect of the mind is bypassed, and new, healthy and beneficial suggestions can be made directly into the subconscious, without the comparing mechanism rejecting these new beliefs.

So the change we want to achieve in our life is accepted by the subconscious mind as true, and still in alignment with our values — so we see results quickly.

is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is safe - it's a perfectly normal and common state of mind we go into naturally everyday. You enter hypnosis regularly when daydreaming while driving down the highway, watching a good movie, or reading a book. During these activities you remain consciously aware and in complete control.  Just as you effortlessly do when a professional hypnotherapists assists you in entering into a state of hypnosis.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Yes of course! You've already been hypnotized anytime you watched an enjoyable movie, or read a good book. Or daydreamed while driving down the highway. Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind that everyone has already experienced. Actually, it's such a normal state of mind that most people don't realize they are hypnotized.

All you need to do to go into a state of hypnosis when coming into New Leaf Hypnosis Center is be willing and able to follow gentle instructions for reaching a state of focused awareness.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the applied use of hypnosis. Hypnosis helps people discover the subconscious reasons for their symptoms, behaviors, or habits. Once discovered, certain tools and techniques get used to help release them and relearn a new healthy, way of thinking, subconsciously. This is called hypnotherapy.

Who will Hypnotize Me?

Rena Barker is a highly qualified, certified hypnosis professional. She is registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the State of Washington.

In addition, she has achieved extra certification in the advanced hypnotherapy system called 5-PATH®. Rest assured that she will treat you and your issues with respect, and that everything you share during your visit gets held in 100% confidence.

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