Yes, It's true! You Can create health and wellnes with group hypnosis 

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Group hypnosis sessions are A fun, relaxing way to work toward your goals 

Many times, when people work together,  the group setting provides encouragement, as well as a sense of camaraderie.  Some people work best in groups, and you can be hypnotized as part of a group. This type of environment is good for someone who prefers less personal attention from the hypnotist, but finds the greatest sense of support in a friendly group setting. 

Self-hypnosis and wellness Group Hypnosis class Will Help You succeed more than you ever though possible


This self-hypnosis and wellness class helps you regain emotional control, and you tap into your innate wisdom 

The changes you’ll make using our program WILL empower you to be the best self and increase harmony in-between you-and-you so you feel better inside, leading you to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.  

Thus, your motivation goes up.  And your stress naturally goes down.

Self-Hypnosis and Wellness class objectives, materials

  • Understand hypnosis and hypnosis phenomena
  • Learn how our mind(brain) works and learn to manage your mind
  • Learn how to do self-hypnosis to develop your inner resilience
  • Learn how to formulate auto-suggestion for yourself
  • Self-hypnosis with and without nature sound
  • Develop self-awareness, self-management skills, and self- care

With these group hypnosis sessions, you'll receive Self-Hypnosis and wellness booklet and NLH audio collections.

Here are brief descriptions of the materials.

Self-Hypnosis and wellness booklet:

  • What is hypnosis? - Questions and Answers about Hypnosis
  • Self-hypnosis guides 
  • Mindful hypnosis techniques
  • My healthy affirmation 3 x 5 card
  • How to formulate self-hypnosis
  • My hypnosis 3 x 5 card

New Leaf Hypnosis  "Self-Hypnosis and Wellness" Audio Collections:

  1. 0
    Welcome to the The program
  2. 1
    NLH Biology of Thoughts - The healing breathe
  3. 2
    NLH Relaxing Breathe
  4. 3
    NLH Learning to relax  
  5. 4
    NLH The power of positive affirmations
  6. 5
    NLH Subliminal - Confidence and strength
  7. 6
    NLH Subliminal  - Calm and Collective

Upcoming Self-Hypnosis and wellness schedules

January 16th/23/30 (3 consecutive Tuesdays)

First class is approximately 90 minutes and the rest of the classes are approximately 75 minutes plus Q&A discussion time at the end of each session.

Tuesday :

6:30 p.m. Pacific Time Zone (9:30 p.m. Central Time Zone)

Normal price $360.00 but NEW YEAR SPECIAL 50% off from the cousre $180.00!

P.S. The Spots Fill Up Fast.  Secure your spot now!.


Yes!  Hypnosis can help transform and unlock the potential of your subconscious mind. Overcome obstacles and softer your positive habits!

Ready to unlock the inner potential!

She helped me create healthy habits and start my year off right.

This was my first time doing hypnotherapy and Rena was absolutely amazing. I definitely didn't know what to expect, but Rena walked me through every step. She helped me create healthy habits and start my year off right. She helped me heal from my past and forgive myself and others. If you're debating doing hypnotherapy, just do it. You won't regret it!

~ Olympia, WA ~

Aubree. A Server

My driving anxiety is gone and I feel more grounded!

I began my journey almost a year ago, Something unsettling my life. After my wife returned home from the hospital I realized I needed to "fix" me before I could help anyone else. I learned much from Rena in a short time and these basic tools are still helpful today. I see the world and people in a more positive compassionate manner which aides my daily life in dealing with my inner self-awareness. There are no words to express my gratitude for everyone that has been here for me and the fact that I, now, am able to help those around me that are ready for a positive change in life. I highly recommend taking your own journey with New Leaf when you are ready. Be well, and Blessed. There is no substitute for the human experience. 🙏👣🐾

John Thane Manager

My chronic pain have been relieved

Rena and I did a remote session because she was in Washington and I in California. Over the course of 5 sessions for pain management, I found Rena totally prepared and professional. I should also add fearless. Pain is not easy to treat but Rena was well informed about the techniques, which worked. I found much relief after working with her.

~ Sonoma, CA ~

Jane Self-Employed

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Because of the rapid life changes we help people make, clients come to our Gig Harbor offices from:

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Acknowledgment and gratitude to Ron Eslinger

Thank you to Ron Eslinger, my mentor, teacher in Clinton Tennessee. This program is an integration of Healthy Visions Hypnosis Wellness program and New Leaf Hypnosis Wellness program. The Healthy Visions methods were passed on by my teacher, Ron Eslinger, and used by permission. Ron is known around hypnosis circles as “The Captain of Comfort”, due to his 40 plus years of work, experience, and training others in the uses of Hypnosis for Pain Management. He spent over 20 years using Hypnosis in Hospitals as a CRNA for the United States Navy(Retired). CRNS, MA APN, BCH, CMI, FNGH.